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The Port of Corpus Christi to buy land in Hillcrest community

Posted at 6:03 PM, May 16, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Hillcrest community and members of the NAACP are frustrated with the possible changes.

Jeremy Coleman is the president of the Corpus Christi NAACP spoke at Tuesday’s meeting. He said that The Port needs to be transparent.

"We really want—what the attorney said before—just transparency and to keep doing that," Coleman said. "Whatever you decide with the residents over there, just be up and front with it and let everyone know exactly what you're doing from beginning to the end."

The Port of Corpus Christi voted late Tuesday evening to purchase additional land in the Hillcrest community.

Deanna King believes that The Port is trying remove Black residents from a historically Black community.

"That causes concern because there are still African American that still live there and we're afraid that eventually they are going to push those people out," King said.

King, the vice president of the NAACP said they want all remaining residents to feel safe and at peace without interference from The Port.

“They want to stay there! They've raised their kids there. They've raised their grandkids there and they see that as their community and an African American community,” she said. “They don't want to be disbursed either amongst the Southside or any other area of Corpus Christi."

The Port of Corpus Christi sent a statement to KRIS 6 News, which stated:

“It would be premature to discuss the possibility of eminent domain at this time as the new Harbor Bridge and surrounding infrastructure projects have not been completed. For the record, however, the Port of Corpus Christi has completed all of its obligations under the agreements between the Port, the City of Corpus Christi, the Corpus Christi Housing Authority, Texas Department of Transportation and the Federal Highways Administration related to the construction of the new bridge."
Spokesperson for The Port of Corpus Christi

Lamont Taylor, who represents Hillcrest said they want to know what The Port is planning to do with the property.

"Be transparent! Be transparent, talk to us and let us know the plans that they have about Hillcrest so that we can agree to disagree but at least we know," Taylor said.

Members of the NAACP said they will do whatever it takes to support residents in the Hillcrest community during this time.

At this time, there is no time frame when the properties will be bought.

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