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The burdens of a boil order

Sinton residents react
The burdens of a boil order
Posted at 7:57 PM, Jan 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 23:43:48-05

SINTON, Texas — As if taking care of her young grandson wasn't enough work, now all the tap water Sinton resident Diana Bravo uses for most purposes must first be boiled.

“(It's) very hard," she said. "I’m a single parent, so it is very hard.”

Water line breaks Wednesday left Sinton without water service for awhile.

The service has been restored, but out of concerns that bacteria and other microbes may have gotten into the water supply because of the line breaks, the city remains under a boil water order.

The alternative is buying bottled water, but that can get expensive -- especially when you have eight people under your roof like Melinda Quilimaco does.

“(Buying bottled water) took $55 away from my food to eat," she said. "But hey, I’ve got to survive."

The Coastal Bend Food Bank distributed free bottled water to Sinton residents Wednesday, but it's unclear if or when they'll do it again.

But going to such a distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic could be dangerous for folks like Bravo who's fighting cancer.

"They were giving water out yesterday, but it was hard for me to go get some," she said. "I am sick. I hardly go out. The only time I go out is to pick-up my grandson from school."

Sinton leaders are working to get the water supply tested to see if it is clear of microbes before they will lift the boil water notice.