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The benefits of the bingo explained

Tommy Garza
Posted at 4:26 AM, Jan 06, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Director of programs at the Alzheimer's Association Ginny Funk said there are cognitive benefits to playing bingo for people with Alzheimer’s and other brain related dementia cases.

“You have to pay attention, it is challenging. There are also so many other benefits to bingo including socialization,” Funk said.

Bingo player Tommy Garza said after having a stroke four years ago, doctors told him he couldn’t work anymore. He said that playing bingo helped with his depression.

“People ask what is bingo?," Garza said. "Bingo is entertainment for the mind, body, soul where you can just interact with people relax and enjoy the game."

Garza said he arrives at the bingo hall at 4954 Crosstown Expressway an hour before they open to get his lucky seat and set up.

On average he said he spends $300 a day and said when he wins he can pay bills.

“I am still having a good day," he said. "Why? Because I’m talking with people enjoying people and just enjoying the staff here.

“That is bingo. It interacts with me in my heart but not only that, I feel good even if I don’t win."

Funk said it’s important to keep your brain active and healthy while you are young to help prevent Alzheimer's later in life.

The Alzheimer’s Association has a worksheet with 10 ways to love your brain which includes items like challenging yourself and socializing.

“Keeping your heart as healthy as possible so, of course, exercise has to be up there,” said Funk.

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