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Texas State Aquarium launched a new emergency vehicle

Posted at 10:33 PM, Nov 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-17 23:33:21-05

On Thursday, the Texas State Aquarium launched a new emergency vehicle and education program that will help the rescue team and educate students from all over the state of Texas.

The tour made its first stop early this morning at Flour Bluff Intermediate school.

The aquarium partnered with Reliant energy to purchase its new emergency wildlife rescue vehicle that will be used to rescue stranded animals in the Coastal Bend.T

This vehicle will also travel to texas schools along with educational instructors to teach students the importance of keeping the oceans clean and what to do if they find marine life in distress.

"They took the dolphin from the room and kept him warm and took him all the way to the ambulance strapped him in and actually did a real rescue and they did a distressed turtle as well and right now it is really relevant because right now we are having a real distressed turtle event in our ocean here in Corpus Christi, so this is real realistic and I think we'll have the next scientist based on what they are seeing here today," said Sidney Evans, senior advisor for business
at Reliant Energy.

Students began by learning the importance of disposing trash properly so that it does not reach our ocean and harm marine life. Then went to the emergency vehicle and received an assignment from a team member on the beach and was able to successfully treat the animal in distress and transport it to the vehicle.

if you or anyone you know finds a marine animal in distress or stranded near the ocean, call the Texas State Aquarium wildlife rescue team at 1-8-6-6-6-turtle-5 and a team will arrive to assist in the rescue.