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Temporary fix to County Road 36 come after KRIS 6 News story

County Road 36 temporarily fixed
Posted at 9:17 PM, Feb 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-28 00:44:06-05

ROBSTOWN, Texas — On Feb. 20, we reported a road in Robstown, giving many people problems. County Road 36 had a large amount of potholes and in a variety of sizes. After our story was published, residents started to see a change.

“I was surprised," said Jose Alfaro. "We hadn’t seen any action in a year and a half, so. It was good to see it patched up.”

Alfaro is a resident down County Road 36. He said the day after our story aired about the road, some pot holes began to be filled. A few days later, the entire mile stretch of pot holes from Highway 77 to the Robstown border was covered up with a layer of asphalt.

“It’s good for now," said Aflafro. "It makes the commute a lot less bumpy to get to and from work. So, it’s good.”

“Well it’s always good when we have positive feedback from the residents,” Gilbert Gomez said, the mayor of Robstown.

Gomez said this is a temporary fix. Really, it’s the city’s only option with the cost to fully repair the road too expensive.

This fix was possible because the two companies on that road, Martin Marietta and Flatiron-Dragados, helped chip in.

“We’ve had the conversations with these companies and that’s what resulted immediately after this, a temporary solution," Gomez said. "And like I said, we had been working on that for awhile already.”

All that’s left to do is figure out a permanent solution with the businesses and possibly the county. Gomez's only fix to the road is a complete reconstruction that includes drainage improvements. He said one problem is that Flatiron-Dragados will be leaving once the new Harbor Bridge is complete.

“That’s why sometimes it’s hard for them to commit a permanent solution because it’s going to be costly," he said. "Because they’re thinking, well we’re not going to be here that long. So, that’s what we’re working with.”

So, no timetable when a permanent solution may come, but Alfaro is OK with at least some change.

“Temporary’s OK, I mean if they could keep doing it temporary as long as the road stays better,” Alfaro said.

Since the temporary fix, more traffic has been since driving up and down County Road 36.

"It's like people find out that the road's better, so they start, all the traffic starts coming this way again," said Alfaro.

Gomez adds he has not had any conversations with the new Nueces County Judge yet.

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