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Corpus Christi residents concerned with stolen trash cans in the city

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Posted at 4:34 PM, Apr 21, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Residents would assume if they were to get robbed, it would be something valuable. However, some residents on the South Side are concerned because their trash cans are going missing.

Ann Jenkins went to take her trash out like every Tuesday morning, but next thing she knew the container was no longer there.

“I looked around the area, (I wasn't sure if it) had it been blown away," Jenkins said. "It was nowhere to be found, and I thought 'Somebody stole a trash can?'"

Jenkins posted on social media what had happened to her and she was surprised what many residents had to say.

“I had posted on the next door app, and other people had said yeah, they’ve heard about that, sometimes people want a second trash can so they will steal somebody's, or people will go around trying to pick up a full trash can and put an empty one down so they can go through your trash,” Jenkins said.

Residents in the city of Corpus Christi have maybe at one point gotten their trash can stolen, or they might’ve heard of the neighbors trash can being stolen.

In the event a trash can is stolen, residents are asked to call the police departments non-emergency number.

The dispatcher will then provide a case number which can then be given to the city’s solid waste department and then they will replace the trash can free of charge.

Lt. Micheal Peña with the Corpus Christi Police Department said if residents are a victim of theft, they will help.

“It’s a call taker that you would be speaking to," Peña said. "So tell them 'Hey, my trash can was stolen, I need a sequence number so I can report to the city they will give you that sequence number and then just call 3-1-1 and give that sequence number to the and they will order you out a new trash can.”

The city told Jenkins she will now get her new trash can in 3-5 business days.

In the meantime, Jenkins had to look for other solutions to deal with her trash.

“I went over to my neighbor's house, and they were nice enough to say I can put my trash in their trash can, so I dint have to keep it hanging around for another week,” Jenkins said.

For more information on what to do if a trash can is stolen click here.

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