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Staff shows appreciation for King High School custodian

Custodian Rene & Principal Prudence Farrell
Posted at 6:00 PM, Apr 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-11 19:00:07-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Principal Prudence Farrell is running the Richard King High School halls by showing gratitude, appreciation and encouragement to all staff members.

The staff is preparing the students for state tests, making sure all grades are in, and balancing life as it is. They begin to feel overwhelmed during this time of the year.

Last week, Farrell decided to create an activity that would make her staff feel motivated and appreciated.

During the activity, the staff had to pick one colleague and write them a letter of gratitude, encouragement, or a thank you.

"Everyone can use some encouragement or words of affirmation."Farrell said.

The staff member that received the most letters was the custodian, Rene Rodriguez.

This morning he was handed nine letters of appreciation from his colleagues.

" I was very surprised, it feels good and very awesome," Rodriguez said.

He has been working for the school since 2019 and takes his job very seriously. He said he goes to work every day with a good attitude.

Aside from working at the school, Rodriguez has to juggle two jobs.

He has been working for the Hooks for six years. He said two jobs could get a little stressful, but he makes the best of it.

"He deserves to be acknowledged for everything he does for us. He is such a great guy, the best. We are very lucky to have him,"Farrell said.

Rodriguez's favorite part about going to work is the staff and the kids.

"I want everyone to be happy," he said.

He consistently keeps up with the students to make sure they are doing okay and said he always tries to encourage them.

Farrell believes it's important to keep her staff motivated.

She had a good positive day today.

"It feels good to give a little pick-me-up to someone," she said..

She also created something called the "Life Savers" award, in which the students nominate a teacher that has gone above and beyond for them this school year.

These encouragement incentives are to encourage each other to finish the year strong, Farrell said.