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Settle your pets when the fireworks start tonight

Posted at 9:57 AM, Dec 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-31 10:58:17-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It's a given that it will be noisy tonight when the New Year will be arriving.

And it's also likely that somewhere in your neighborhood there will be some kind of explosive device that will rattle everybody in your house - including your pets.

Experts remind petowners to remember their furry friends as the New Year's arrives from one of the most unsettling nights of the year.

Among the specific tips include:

  • Don't ever have your pets outside accompanying their owners when any kind of fireworks are ignited.
  • The FDA has approved a new drug, Pexion, to treat dogs who are freaked out by noises. Studies have shown that Pexion can help dogs stay calm during fireworks shows, the FDA said. But, it must be used cautiously. Be sure to check with your vet for their expertise before utilizing this medication.
  • If your pet is comfortable with a crate, it could be a good place to go when they are frightened. But others who have not grown up inside a crate could find it more stressful to be confined than being able to roam free, even with all of the loud noises.
  • Dogs may attempt to retrieve fireworks once they are lit or exploded. So don't even think about having them outside if you are planning an outdoor display.
  • Pets are skittish with any kind of loud noises. Leave them inside a secured, quiet area where they are assured to be safe.
  • Use "positive noises" they might be more comfortable to like television or their favorite music to mask the disruptive outdoor noises
  • Lavender oil has been found to help settle some dogs. Try spraying it into your dog's favorite blanket.
  • Provide your animal with peace and quiet. A special area inside your home can be a special sanctuary with all the noise and commotion associated with any holiday festivities. And remember that some animals can become destructive when left alone to their devices.
  • If you are leaving for a holiday party be sure to provide toys and blankets that will calm your pet.
  • Don't leave your pet unattended outside, particularly as neighborhood celebrations are taking place.
  • Try to wear your pet out with plenty of outside activity earlier in the day. Then, when the noises start, they will be too tired to worry about the extra stress.
  • Show extra attention to your pets to show you are concerned about their anxiety. Think of yourself. Would you be more be more relaxed after being comforted by a loved one?