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School district using tracking system for buses

Bus tracking system helps ensure students safety
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Posted at 3:03 PM, Mar 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-22 08:45:47-04

Ingleside Independent School District is letting parents have access to view their child's school bus route in real time.

The school district purchased the web application from Unite GPS.

The tracking tool rolled out at the beginning of march and the district said this feature is a great way for parents to monitor their child's journey to and from school.

Transportation Director for the district Abram Garcia said the bus tracking system ensures student safety.

"It's in real time where we can do the actual pin points of when we pick up a student and when we drop off a student at home or at school," Garcia said.

Parents can also view the bus routes when their child is on their way to sporting events and field trips.

The web application is only for parents whose kids attend Ingleside ISD.

The school district said parents can check their email if they'd like access. There, they can find instructional videos that show how to activate their account using a phone, tablet or desktop computer.

"It just enhances our school district to ensure that all our students are safe; our buses are safe," Garcia said.

School district officials said they have about 200 parents using the app. Some parents tell us the system is a great tool to better monitor their child.

"We know where it's stopping we know where its going and we know when it turns around. So it's a pretty nice feature to have if you are not tracking your kid by any other means," said Shane Chiddix whose daughter attends the school district.

Kaylee Chiddix is in the 6th grade. She said the bus tracking system makes it easier for her to get ready for school because she doesn't have to rush in the morning.

"Or if I am behind and I think I'm going to miss the bus, I can just look at the app," Kaylee said.

"Something like this you know, as small as this is, you know, it's just the safety of everybody. And I take that responsibility to heart and that is something that I strive for here," Garcia said.

Ingleside ISD told us they are looking to issue students badges so they can sign in on school buses next year.

If you have issues downloading the bus tracking system or have more questions, contact the school here.