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Scam callers posing as a Deputy from the Nueces County Sheriff's Office

Posted at 4:47 PM, May 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-22 23:00:55-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Nueces County Sheriff's department is warning residents about a new phone scam that some Nueces County residents are reporting.

The scam caller is claiming to be a sheriff deputy and telling residents they failed to appear at Judge Connie Scott’s Commissioners Court.

Nueces County Judge Connie Scott warned residents about a scammer posing as Sheriff Deputy Eric Wood, advising them of failure to appear in Judge Connie Scott’s court.

“We wanted to get out here in front of this and to let you all know at home that we are not contacting anyone there are no fees that are do in my court. Judge Scott said. " We are commissioners court we deal with the county business we would never contact you in the way shape or form.”

Sheriff J.C. Hooper says no one from the department will ever call you, instead they will show up to your door.

"If there is a serious warrant out on you or one of your loved ones we will knock on your door and we will identify ourselves, and we will explain to you what the process is to clear up a warrant." Sheriff Hooper said.

The Sheriff's office posted on their Facebook page this scam warning once a resident told them about the scam call.

Sheriff Hooper confirmed Deputy Eric Wood works in their department and the scammers are able to access this information through social media.

“We put many of our names out there on social media every single day, so if you went to the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page you would immediately come up with a dozen names of people who work here.” Sheriff J.C. Hopper said.

The Better Business Bureau gave residents tips if they were ever skeptical about these calls.

“Hang up the phone, and say hey you know what I am going to call you right back or why don’t you call me in five minutes or something just get them off the phone." Katie Galan with the BBB said. "Call the local law enforcement agency in this case the Sheriff’s Office, and just ask them hey I received this call hey is this actually coming form you guys.”

If you are concerned about a phone call that sounds like a scam, the BBB says you can report these calls on their website or call the county to confirm if the phone call is real.