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Saratoga traffic snarls egress near new Science and Technology Charter School

Posted at 6:00 PM, Aug 26, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The first day of school was filled with a lot of excitement for kids at the new Science and Technology Charter School on the southside.

But for parents it was a different story as Saratoga was jammed packed with traffic.

In response to today's traffic congestion, Corpus Christi Police will be monitoring the schools on Saratoga.

About 1,300 students and parents flooded the roadways this morning for the first day at the new school , causing major traffic delays in the area.

"Traffic is bad, we had to park across the street over there... that made it easier though to just walk,” said Lance Orck, who was accompanied by his wife Crescelda.

besides the parents and students, local businesses have been affected from this traffic as well.

“We parked near over at the Little Caesars and just walked in,” parent Joseph Leonard said.

The Texas Department of Transportation claims the amount of traffic on Saratoga, is normal with the return of school and believes it will be significantly reduced after this week.