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Robstown ISD has a new student-report system using QR codes

My Voice QR Code for students to report incidents
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Posted at 5:02 AM, Oct 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-13 06:21:59-04

Robstown Independent School District will be utilizing a new system that students can use to report incidents on campus while staying anonymous.

Robstown ISD Superintendent Dr. Jose Moreno said over the last few years the district has used an app where students could report bullying.

Feedback from staff and students led the district to adopt a new system called My Voice. The system gives students a way to report incidents in further detail while still maintaining privacy.

"Our students can use their voice to report (and) be able to continue a safe and learnable environment for all of our students," Moreno said.

The new system helps some students make reports who might have remained quiet previously.

"Some people feel or are uncomfortable to speak out, maybe at home or their own family members or maybe even to their own friends or are scared of being judged," sophomore Ava Flores said.

"But now we can do it anonymously without anyone knowing they are the ones who did it," said sophomore Sophia Arroyo.

Moreno said every district facility will have posters with QR codes in several locations around campus and a few discreet spots as well.

"One of the great ideas that one of our students had was why don't you put them in the restroom? And beyond putting it in the restroom put it in one of the stalls that way we have a little bit more privacy to be able to report if we feel we need to report something," Moreno said.

How does the reporting system work?

When a student sees a poster on the wall they take their phone, and scan the QR code. Or if a student doesn't want to be seen scanning the poster they will also be given stickers where they will have easier access.

"Many people are scared to speak up and I feel like this is a more discrete way to speak up," Flores said. "So that people could feel comfortable with it."

"And it's just a really cool way - a different way - to hear the voices of those who do not want to come to the school," Robstown parent Sally Rivera said. "It's just another resource for them to use."

Moreno said once the district receives a report, it's sent to the appropriate campus anonymously and protocols to address the issue begin.

"Knowing that our parents have a choice to be here, our students have a choice to be here, we want to be able to empower them also to know that they have safe schools and safe environment by providing them my voice reporting system," Moreno said.

Robstown's My Voice QR reporting system is set to launch on Oct. 22, Moreno said.