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Road conditions of Daly Drive has some expressing safety concerns

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Posted at 6:21 AM, Mar 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-29 13:18:47-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Corpus Christi street has some expressing concerns about road conditions for pedestrians.

People who live in the area near Daly Drive have noticed people having a hard time walking and driving on the road.

Its well-known potholes are an issue throughout the city, and that includes along Daly Dr.

Becky Halloway said the road also caused safety concerns because there are no sidewalks for kids going to and from Haas Middle School.

 “And this road gets a lot of traffic,” Halloway said.

Halloway said she’s been using Daly Road for the last two years to pick up her grandson, who attends Haas Middle School.

“But the holes are horrible, terrible, and tear up people’s cars and tires. Instead of them patching it, when it only lasts for two rains, and then there’s potholes all over again. Why are they wasting the money to do that when they should just pave them and be done with them,” Halloway said.

We shot some drone footage of the road and in it, you can see a truck drive right down the middle of the road, as opposed to the right side of the road. And on the left, there are two trucks parked off onto the grass.

“There’s a lot of 18-wheelers that go down here, and there’s just a lot of traffic,” Halloway said.

And she said, making it worse, there are no sidewalks for kids to use. Halloway said her grandchild walks in the grass where it’s not safe.

“I think there should be a sidewalk. I mean, there are kids that walk down to get picked up at the bus down at the end of Daly,” Halloway said.

Halloway said because there is also no parking, she parks off to the side of Daly Dr.

After hearing her concerns, we spoke to Renee Couture, the Assistant Director of Public Works, to ask why there are no sidewalks, if 18-wheelers are allowed there, and if there is a plan to fix it?

“We urge the residents to use the private facilities on site and then use our pedestrian facilities of McArdle to access the elementary schools and the middle school in the area,” said Couture.

“Heavy vehicles and 18-wheelers should utilize in that area, utilize Mcardle road and utilize the frontage road for TxDOT to access the businesses in the area,” Couture said.

Couture said over the last year, they have received at least 6 work orders for potholes along Daly Street which have been completed. She also said the road meets standards for two-way travel for traffic.

Although, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Texas Accessibility Standards require state and local governments to make pedestrian crossings accessible to people with disabilities by providing curb ramps.