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Residents excited for completion of dog park at Hazel Bazemore Park

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Posted at 2:29 PM, Mar 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 18:44:05-04

CALALLEN, Texas — Once completed, the Hazel Bazemore Dog Park will become the first dog park near Calallen. For dog owners in the area, they are excited for their dogs to have a place to play in a park they like to spend time in themselves.

“We’re excited, we don’t really have any dog parks in this area, so we’re happy to have something really close by to be able to take them,” said Calallen resident Jay Clement.

Clement lives near the park, and said he visits Hazel Bazemore Park with his family around once a week. Not only is the new dog park a big draw, he’s also excited about the upgrades coming for his kids to enjoy.

“The kids really like playing on the swings, and like playing on the gyro thing they have over there, but we’re super excited about everything else they’re building. We hear there’s a splash pad too, so with the summer coming around, we’re super excited for the little ones to get out there,” he said.

Jack Kelly was at the park Wednesday morning with his dogs Tiny and Sticky. Kelly said he tries to visit the park with his dogs every day.

“They like to swim in the river down by the boat ramp, and they like to check out every trash can we go by,” he said.

Kelly said he probably won’t bring his dogs to the dog park, because they don’t always get along with other dogs, but he’s excited for the park’s upgrades.

“Tiny would love the splash pad, I don’t know if they’ll let us in,” he laughed.

Juan Pimentel, the Public Works Director & County Engineer for Nueces County said from what he’s heard, people are excited for the project to be completed.

“We are getting positive reactions. We have been getting calls about the time when it’s going to be completed, and hopefully the project will be completed shortly and it can be used,” he said.

Pimentel estimated the project will be completed in about two months, and then people can enjoy the new amenities.

“By the time you know it, you’ll have people out there using this facility. It’s a park that’s long overdue, and it’s for the constituents,” he said.