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Residents dealing with move-in delays to new Port Aransas apartments

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Posted at 5:47 PM, Dec 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-03 19:10:36-05

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — People were all set to move in to the Palladium Apartments in Port Aransas this weekend, but that has been delayed.

It seems the $36 million project, which is expected to provide affordable housing for those working in the city, is yet another victim of the supply-chain issues, future residents said.

“Those things that they need are on backorder for two weeks," said Tori Bray, a future resident. "That’s what’s taking so long. And they can’t get the certificate of occupancy until they get these things, whatever they are, that are backordered.”

The original move-in date was Nov. 15, but residents are anticipating another delay.

“There’s a lot of things that's out of everybody’s hands and it has been a tough time to get material and that type of thing," said Karen Valentine, another future resident.

For Bray the delay has caused her issues. She commutes to the island for work, her and her family planned to leave their home in Rockport. Now their belongings are moving to storage. She found out about the first delay when she was giving her landlord their 30-day notice.

“Hold on I got a phone call," she said, talking about her encounter with her landlord. "It’s the Palladium. 'We’re going to have to push move-in back to Dec. 5.' And I was like, why? I literally put in a notice, I can’t just take that back.”

In the end, both Bray and Valentine agree Port Aransas is in dire need of this affordable housing and more. Bray said her family can't afford to rent a house in Port Aransas, that's why they chose Palladium.

“And it is hard," Valentine said. "You think about the causeway is now going to have construction on it, so getting across that way is harder. The ferry can only do so much and timing, who knows during the summer?”

We did reach out to the Palladium for comment, but no one was available for an interview.

“For Port A, that’s affordable," said Bray. "We know, we can’t go into a rental house. Some places on AirBnB want $10,000 for their four-bedroom rental for one month. That’s not plausible.”

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