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Purple Door is here to help victims of domestic violence

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jun 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-09 19:52:12-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tx — The Purple Door is there to help any one who might be or might have been in an abusive relationship no matter who they are. Nora Bransom with the Purple Door said that power is vital for abusers.

"Domestic violence is about that power and control," She said, "We can see red flags of it before it gets to this point and i think that is really the biggest thing we want to educate the community on noticing those red flags."

It is important to not that someone could have already left an abusive relationship but the abuser could come back.

"Perpetrators will eventually go to the extreme to get the power and control back," Bransom said, "Even of she was not in active relationship with this person, she did all the right thing, she left, she was in her home."

Remember to always have a safety plan in place, the Purple door is there to help you, they offer different services from counseling to shelter, if need be.

You can call 361- 881-8888 or 800-580-4878 for more information.