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Potential impact of SCOTUS draft opinion on local adoption, pregnancy organizations

Posted at 9:07 PM, May 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 23:03:22-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It’s been about five years since Renee Holla had her last abortion.

It was just one of the three abortions that she has had.

“I’m distraught and I’m upset because of the choices that I made,” Holla said with tears streaming down her face.

She is now pro-life after having to go through depression and anxiety related to getting the abortions.

She’s an employee at the Pregnancy Center of the Coastal Bend, an organization that encourages women to have their baby and choose adoption.

Holla said working at the center’s thrift store, Hi Again Resale, has helped her mentally, because she’s around other women in the same situation as her.

“There’s a lot of people out there that really struggle with pro-life and pro-choice and this place is here for a reason,” she said.

Holla said that abortion isn’t a good option because a lot of people who want to have babies cannot.

She said a more viable option would be adoption.

“The hurt that I received like, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. And then I would just love on them,” she said.

The pregnancy center offers parenting classes for expecting mothers and their partners, and free baby supplies like diapers, strollers, clothes, and formula.

They also provide free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

Executive director Jana Pinson said the possible SCOTUS decision wouldn’t have a big impact on their organization, saying they will still provide their services as always.

She said they walk a woman through her pregnancy, and they are excited when a woman decides to choose life.

“We will love them no matter what they choose and we’re here for the momma. We’re here for their heart. We’re here for the baby too, but mostly for the momma,” Pinson said.

The Texas Adoption Center is an organization that counsels expecting mothers who want to have an adoption plan for their unborn child.

Kenna Hamm, the organization's assistant director said they offer women education about all their options.

They assign a woman an adoption specialist who gives them support throughout the entire process.

“One of the biggest benefits that we can offer to women is that emotional support, but also the physical and mental support. Being there side by side, holding their hand, walking them through every step of their pregnancy,” Hamm said.