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Prayers for Uvalde and change rang out at local candlelight vigil

Candlelight Vigil for Uvalde one year mark
Posted at 9:46 PM, May 24, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — “It’s important to remember and it’s important not to forget,” Rev. Henry Williams said.

Several people gathered around Rev. Williams at a candlelight vigil on Ayers Street on Wednesday evening. These people wanted to pay their respects and honor the people killed in Uvalde, exactly one year ago.

Emotion poured out of the people that spoke.

“Shock, sadness, anger," CHISPA Director Elida Castillo said. "I don't have kids myself, but I do have a young niece and a young nephew who live here. And then, I also have some who live in San Antonio, which is very close to Uvalde. To know that some of my nephews were personally affected because their friends were impacted by this. Thinking back on that day, it’s heartbreaking.”

Castillo and her organization helped to organized the vigil for Uvalde on Wednesday.

The pain felt by the mass shooting is still felt by many, even a year later. The mayor of Uvalde asked people not to converge on the city, so that the families can reflect in private.

Rev. Williams led the group in prayer here in Corpus Christi.

“Tragedy, great tragedy," he said. "A great loss of the families of the children. But we also know that the lives of these children, they are with Jesus Christ.”

Lives Robbed, a nonprofit group that rose out of the tragedy in Uvalde, is made up of the victim’s families advocating for common sense gun reform. Lives Robbed asked those that wanted to head to Uvalde to instead light a candle wherever they are, for the victims.

While doing so, the people around Rev. Williams also said the names of all 21 victims, finishing by saying, "Say their names."

Castillo said why she lit a candle.

“Really hoping that there are actions taking to prevent this happening again in the future," she said. "And so, that light just reminds us of the light that they brought to the world and the hope that they continue to give.”

Those attending the vigil signed a card that will be delivered to the victims families.

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