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Port Aransas restaurants see sales go higher because of Sandfest

Posted at 9:54 PM, Apr 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-11 00:02:49-04

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — Port Aransas beaches were decorated with sand sculptures this past weekend, drawing in people from around the state and even further.

Many of those people didn’t just walk down the beach and admire the sculptures. They also headed to local restaurants to grab a bite to eat.

Owner of Kody’s, Edwin Myers, said his restaurant and bar usually sees more customers than usual during Sandfest, but during the month of April, customers don’t wander in as often as other months.

“Sandfest kind of bridges the gap between Spring Break and Memorial Day. It’s a slower time in Port Aransas that was originally developed to bring more people to Port Aransas and hep support the local businesses,” Myers said.

He said during January and February, Winter Texans help to stimulate Port Aransas’ economy and during March, the Spring Break crowd helps to bring in even more business. He said April isn’t as popular of a month, but Summer is when business starts to pick up.

Pete and Jean Cook were at Kody’s on Sunday and said they were about to head back to Corpus Christi, but it was all the cars heading over there that made them stop by Kody’s.

“After Sandfest the traffic brought us here. Just to get a bite to eat. Traffic is way backed up to get onto the JFK and to get onto the ferry,” Pete Cook said.

Business was also booming on Sunday at Crazy Cajun Seafood restaurant. Kris Jones is a busser who has worked there for around 4 years and said Sandfest can bring in anywhere from double to triple the customers, even from around the country.

“A big weekend like Sandfest or every now and then, Labor Day and stuff, you’re going to be super busy but in the summer there’s just so many places to stay and people like to come down here,” Jones said.

Mary and Less Hutton came to Port Aransas on Sunday from Fair Oaks Ranch, about two hours away. They were about to go to Sandfest, but found that they couldn’t find parking, so they went to Crazy Cajun Seafood Restaurant instead.

“We want the economy to flourish down here. We own a condo and we wander in it and it’s important to Texas to get the business,” Mary Hutton said.