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Port Aransas highlights hidden gems through scavenger hunt

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jun 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-25 18:27:08-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The crazy cart crawl is back in Port Aransas this year with full steam ahead. In the last few years, Covid-19 had forced some modifications.

This isn’t your usual crawl as two vacationers from San Antonio learned. Laura Adams and her friend Joyce Zimdahl are on a "girls trip" in Port Aransas. Adams says her mom signed them up for the event, but the women thought it was a traditional bar crawl.

“I think we know some of the secrets in this book, but there’s some we’re at a disadvantage to the locals. So, we’ll definitely be learning a few things today,” said Zimdahl.

Instead they'll be "crawling" points of interest throughout Port Aransas, as thego on a photo scavenger hunt.

“There’s five different ways to earn points by taking pictures. So, you can go down to the beach and build a pyramid with your team, snap a photo, that’s one point,” Kristie Stevens said, community programs coordinator for the City of Port Aransas.

The event drew in locals like Debbie Harty. She grabbed her friend Peety Blankenship and her cousin Audrey Barrera, visiting from Hallettsville, Texas.

“Lot of laughs. Yeah, these people dressed up in costumes, I'm kind of excited about that,” said Harty.

Then some vacationers decided to take part, like the women from San Antonio and a family from Harrah, Okla.

“Well it was something fun, something different, not your typical touristy things. So, we thought we’d give it a shot,” Shelley Moore said, mother of the family.

But the real catch of the crawl, was to show people places they may not have seen in Port Aransas before. For the vacationers, they used it as a way to sight see the city.

“We have a place called the biding center and a lot of people don’t know it’s there," Stevens said. "But there is a sign that will lead you there during our scavenger hunt. So, it might give them the opportunity to find and locate new places that they didn’t even know Port A had.”

“Oh, like the chapel hopefully. Yeah find some things we normally - off the beaten path," Harty said.

The top three teams get some awards, but some teams may just be happy to finish the crawl.

“Not get mad at each other,” Moore joked.

Stevens said to keep an eye out on Port Aransas Parks and Recreation events, as more unique will be coming up.

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