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Police awaiting Guillermo Sauceda autopsy results

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Posted at 1:32 PM, Jul 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-03 14:47:21-04

Police are waiting for the results of an autopsy to find out how 59-year-old Guillermo Sauceda died.

He’s the man whose body was found inside a trash can on Monday.

Three family members have been charged with abuse of a corpse.

They are: 46-year old Michelle Castaneda, 65-year-old Emma Prado and 56-year-old Martin Sauceda.

The man's body was found at his home on Kosarek Drive after police were contacted by his daughter.

She was concerned because she hadn't heard from her father in quite awhile.

"We see the people in and out of the house,” neighbor Ovidio Espinosa said. “They go to HEB. They come back. I’ve seen the man a couple of weeks ago, but there for a while, I didn't see him no more."

When police went to the home on Monday, they noticed a foul odor.

A search led them to a trash can, where they found Guillermo Sauceda's decomposed body.

Police say it appears the three suspects had kept the man's body inside the home for some time before it was put in the trash can.