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Police athletic league receives donation

Posted at 5:48 PM, Nov 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 19:08:20-05

It's the season of giving, and the proceeds of an annual fundraiser were presented to the Corpus Christi Police Athletic League on Monday.

In partnership with Valero, the non-profit organization hosted its 9th annual Dove Hunt Fundraiser during the first weekend in October.

About 700 people attended, raising $178,000 for the police athletic league to maintain its programs.

"Oh there's -- when you have a building like this there's always something," said CCPD Sr. Officer David Morris. "Of course, there's all the different programs that we run, baseball fields. So it's just a lot of maintenance, and paying the bills and buying equipment and just all kinds of different things to keep the programs running."

The police athletic league is a non-profit organization. It offers recreational and educational programs for kids, and helps them learn leadership and build character.