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Phone calls raising questions regarding unpaid utility bills

Posted at 5:41 PM, Jul 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-05 23:22:10-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Corpus Christi utility customers may be receiving a call from the city in the days and weeks ahead.

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Employees are calling customers with outstanding or delinquent accounts to tell them it's time to pay.

However, one local woman said she won't be forking over the cash because she paid the bills in question a year and a half ago.

"For example, you did not receive your February and March bill and we are going to be generating those bills and getting those bills sent out to you," stated a Corpus Christi utility employee in a voicemail Wednesday afternoon.

Laura Madden said there is a mix-up.

"My account is in good standing. You know, why would a year and a half later would I have to go back and do research on a water bill?" Madden said.

Peter Collins with the City of Corpus Christi acknowledged months of issues with the city's utility billing software, but said now it's time to collect.

"And we've worked our way through those issues," Collins said. "Bills are going out accurate on a timely manner, and now it's time to start the disconnects, because during that time period, a number of accounts never paid the utility bills at all."

However, Madden said she's not one of the customers who went months without paying, and according to the city's automated utility billing service phone line, her story checks out.

"Your current balance is zero. To end this call, press one.

Madden expressed frustration about the city's record-keeping procedures.

"I do keep all my receipts. I've been with the same bank," Madden said. "My concern is for people that are not with the same bank, or they paid cash. They may not have that receipt that you get when you pay your bill down at City Hall."

As of late Friday afternoon, Madden had no clarification on whether or not she city plans to disconnect her services.

City finance employees advise customers to contact the city with questions or conflicts.

That contact information is listed on the City of Corpus Christi website here: