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People in Robstown upset after St. Anthony's Church vandalized

Robstown church vandalism
Posted at 4:39 PM, Apr 07, 2021

ROBSTOWN, Texas — According to the Robstown Police Department, between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, multiple people broke into St. Anthony’s church. The individuals then vandalized the church with a fire extinguisher, including spraying it on the altar.

People in Robstown were upset when they heard the news of what happened at St. Anthony’s.

“I thought it was terrible. I don’t know why anybody would even want to do that,” said Arlene Burns, who is a practicing Catholic herself. “I don’t know what would possess them, I mean they’ve got to have some devil in them. It’s a disgrace.”

Rene Zavala Sr. was born and raised in Robstown. He and his brothers graduated from St. Anthony’s, and he still attends church there. He was saddened to hear about the vandalism at the altar.

“If you’re a catholic, it’s the holiest place in the church,” he said.

He said he would pray for the people responsible for vandalizing the church, and offered this message to them.

“I ask them to give God a chance. God is the most awesome person in the world, and he’s a forgiving God. God is for all of us, if you live the right life, God will help you out,” Zavala Sr. said.

Burns also said she will pray for the people involved.

“They really need help. If they’re that terrible, to desecrate a church, or to even do anything to a church, then they need help,” she said.

William Shaw, a Robstown resident, was outraged when he heard people vandalized the church.

“You break into a church, I think you’re a damn fool, that’s the bottom line,” he said. “That’s pure nonsense, there ain’t no reason for you to break into a church, that’s just pure stupidity.”

According to police, the church is not pressing charges on the people responsible for the vandalism.