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Parents voice concerns for kids' safety in crosswalk at local school

Parents voice concerns for kids' safety in crosswalk at local school
Posted at 4:18 AM, Nov 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-16 05:24:30-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Selina Flores says she had a near-miss while walking her daughter to Tuloso-Midway Primary School on the first day of classes back in July.

"There was actually an incident that ended up happening, and we were almost hit by a car," she said.

Then, this past Wednesday, she says it happened again while she was walking with a friend along the same crosswalk at the intersection of Charles and Stonewall Drives.

It's why she was one of two parents speaking out at the Tuloso-Midway ISD School Board meeting Monday night.

“I’m terrified, because it's just inches away from these kids, and these parents getting hit by a car," Flores said.

The other parent who addressed the school board, Silvia Henderson, was able to get a speed bump placed in front of her home years ago after voicing safety concerns about the speed of traffic in her neighborhood adjacent to the primary school.

She'd like to see more of them in the area, and until they've been installed, she has another security improvement she'd like the district to take.

“We need somebody to pay for these crossing guards," Henderson said about the area around the school that doesn't have crossing guard currently. "Or we need volunteers — parents.”

Henderson's and Flores's security concerns near the primary school did not come as a surprise to the school board.

In fact, board president Paul Mostella said the board is getting ready to address them.

‘We are going to discuss the safety issues that were brought up by local concerns, but that will be in December," he said. "We’re aware of it, we’re working with it, and we’re trying to address it.”

Concerned parents hope that meeting next month leads to results — quickly.

“Hopefully by then something can be done," Flores said. "So that way, like I said, nobody goes and gets hit by a car."

"Everyone has their kids playing over here," Henderson said. "So it’s not OK for them not to do anything.”