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Reef restoration project takes place using recycled oysters

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Posted at 4:39 PM, Apr 10, 2021

ROCKPORT, Texas — An oyster recycling event in Rockport is making way for a more green and environmentally friendly impact.

Saturday morning, workers with Gulf Coast Growth Ventures-Exxon Mobile, partnered with the Harte Research Institute to help work on a reef restoration project using recycled oysters. Several master and doctoral students placed time trials to see how efficient the oyster bags were and recycled the oysters back into the water to help restore the reef.

"Of course, oysters are filter feeders so they clean our bays and waters plus they're kinda the happening place under the water. The fish like hanging out there, crabs, and seagrass grow better, so these students are studying the habits of the animals and we're trying to make an environment they can come back to," said Gail Sutton with the Harte Research Institute.

Folks with the research institute say recycling the oysters can go full circle for sea life.