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Ordinance banning front yard parking approved

Posted at 8:26 PM, Aug 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-18 15:09:54-04

CORPUS CHRSITI, Texas — If you live in Corpus Christi and park on the grass on your home's property, expect to be fined.

The Corpus Christi City Council approved a new ordinanceto keep vehicles off people's yards. The new ordinance says you cannot park on any surface that is not made of asphalt, concrete, brick or other hard material.

Now, there are some exemptions to the policy, including if the house does not have a paved driveway, if the yard touches a street with a width of less than 28 feet, and administrative discretion can be applied.

The fine can be up to 500 dollars if you are in violation.