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Nueces County sewer overwhelmed, Port Aransas residents urged to avoid water use

Posted at 11:34 AM, Jul 08, 2021

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — A large amount of rain has caused the Nueces County WCID #4 sanitary sewer to be overwhelmed. Port Aransas Residents have been urged to avoid unnecessary water use.

The city reports multiple overflows from sanitary sewer manholes in the area of Beach & Alister and Ave A & Oleander. These overflows, totaling over the 100,000-gallon threshold, meet the standards to require the notice.

A release from Nueces County Water Control & Improvement District 4 manager Scott Mack says for people who see swirling in a puddle of standing water to please notify the Water District at 361-749-5201. People are also urged to not open any cleanouts in low-lying areas to drain standing water into the system.

"The district is constantly monitoring weather conditions as well as our system to minimize effects. Thank you for your help and patience," says the release.

30 Texas Administrative Code Section 319.303(c) requires the following precautionary statements:

(1) Persons using private drinking water supply wells located within ½- mile of the spill site or within the potentially affected area should use only water that has been distilled or boiled at a rolling boil for at least one minute for all personal uses including drinking, cooking, bathing, or tooth brushing.

(2) Persons who purchase water from a public water supply may contact their water supply distributor to see if the water is safe for personal use at (361)749-5201 or via email at

(3) The public should avoid contact with waste material, soil, or water in the area possibly affected by the spill

(4) If the public comes into contact with waste material, soil, or water potentially affected by the spill, they should bathe and wash clothes thoroughly as soon as possible.