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Not winging it: Meat markets ready for Super Bowl onslaught

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jan 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-31 18:58:27-05

With the Super Bowl almost here, superfans are getting ready to make a their super feasts.

As you can imagine, local meat markets are going to be a popular place this weekend.

Folks are scrambling to get the items they need for that big game.

We stopped by Moody's Meat Market on Holly Road today, as well as South Staples Meat Market. Both places told us they'll be ready to meet demand.

"We prepare for each year for an onslaught," said Terry Moench of Moody's Quality Meats. "You know -- extra business. And that's generally what it is. It's been brisk this morning, it was brisk yesterday, and it'll be even more so tomorrow."

Mike Meehan from South Staples Meat Market said it would be better if the Cowboys were playing Sunday, but it'll still be a busy weekend for them.

"Depending on who is playing, it is a big weekend for us," he said. "It generates about 40 percent more in business than an average week."

The most popular items on Super Sunday, are of course chicken wings, jalapeño poppers, and ribs.