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Beeville fire chief: Chlorine leak poses no immediate danger

Posted at 10:51 PM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-18 02:46:42-05

A chlorine leak was detected in Beeville at the TDCJ Garza Unit Water Treatment Facility on Friday night, but Beeville Volunteer Fire Department Chief Bill Burris said there is no immediate danger.

Burris said there is no immediate risk to the public or inmates, who were evacuated from the area closest to the building when the leak was detected, as a precaution.

The building is being aired out, and currently is being monitored by firefighters.

Beeville residents concerned about the leak called KRIS 6 News, questioning whether the department was equipped to deal with this kind of incident. Burris said his department has trained to handle these kinds of emergencies.

Firefighter Lanny Holland said the facility's system was filled earlier today with no reported complications. The leak was discovered Friday night.

Burris said the leaking cylinder isn't a large one, and called it a "small-scale" leak.

He and Holland both separately stressed that the leak poses no danger to the Beeville area.

"Especially the way the wind is blowing," Burris said. "(It's blowing) away from the building itself."

Burris said a leak has only been detected from one cylinder, and the prison warden has been in contact with a company from Houston to remedy the situation.