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National MS Society raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness week

Posted at 5:25 AM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-14 15:20:50-04

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society focuses on individual stories for those living with multiple sclerosis for MS Awareness week.

Michelle Ruiz Hernandez’s husband Lauro Hernandez Jr. found out he was diagnosed with MS in April of 2019. She said he had constant headaches, dizziness, weakness in his legs. They didn’t know he had MS until they got to the right doctors.

“It is known as a silent disease. A silent disease because you go with it for long time without even knowing,” said Michelle Ruiz Hernandez whose husband Lauro Hernandez Jr. has MS.

According to the National MS Society it is estimated one million people in the United States are currently diagnosed with MS. Christie Eckler, an executive Director for National MS Society said doctors don’t know what causes MS. There is no cure but there are treatments.

“MS is a debilitating and unpredictable neurological disease that affects the central nervous system,” said Christie Eckler Executive Director, South Central Market MS Society

The National MS Society said some symptoms can also include fatigue and pain. “He doesn’t want to be in pain everyday, that the constant that he has is that his pain is all the time, its twenty four seven and it doesn’t give up,” said Hernandez.

“It can be an invisible disease so a lot of people don’t pick up on it or know that someone has MS. When you get into progressive MS that is when you start seeing more visible signs and it’s noticeable,” said Eckler.

Eckler said people with MS need to be their own advocates. “The key is talking to your doctor and your family and making sure you say something,” said Eckler.

“Request information don’t let it be ok with just take more vitamins, because we weren’t ok with that and we kept pushing,” said Michelle Ruiz Hernandez.

There will be a walk for MS in Corpus Christi April 10 2021, for more information and to sign up visit here.

For more information about MS you can visit the National MS Society here.