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Mosquito spray and preventing respiratory and allergy attacks

Posted at 6:58 AM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-02 07:58:15-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — The city's vector control sprays areas that have a high concentration of mosquitoes. For those who may have asthma or allergies, they should avoid being outdoors when spraying occurs.

After significant rainfall, it is important to remember city vector control may spray your neighborhood for mosquitoes. If you are outdoors during this time there is the potential a reaction to an underlying health condition such as asthma could be triggered.

Spraying routes are determined after checking mosquito traps. Areas with the highest concentration of mosquitoes are targeted first.

"We spray an aerosol chemical called adulticide that is to kill the adult mosquitoes,” said Program Manager at Animal Care services Joel Skidmore.

Clinical director and Health Authority Kim Onufrak says if you have asthma or allergies and are hypersensitive to chemicals you should avoid the areas where they are spraying.

"It's not toxic and you don't have to stay inside. For the majority of the population it's very safe,” said Onufrak.

Vector control sprays mainly during at dusk time and in the evening during times when people are less likely to be out. Sidmore said, “We notify the public in advance where we are going to be spraying and around what day what time."

But if you find yourself outside, or know the city will be spraying, Onufrak has a few tips on how to avoid asthma attacks and manage allergy symptoms.
"You can start taking allergy medicine if you know you are prone to allergic reactions,” said Onufrak.

She says it is always good to start your allergy medicine sooner rather than later to minimize triggers.

"If you have asthma and you feel like symptoms are coming on you can get started on a low dose steroid inhaler or systemic steroid. But definitely stay in during that time that they are going to spray in your area," said Onufrak.