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Miracle League providing those with disabilities a chance to play sports

Posted at 8:43 AM, Feb 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-23 09:43:41-05

CORPUS CHRISTI — The Miracle League of Corpus Christi has been providing sports and recreation for those with disabilities and special needs in the coastal bend for years.

Board President Brian Devaeny said that Intrest has increased.

"We want to open up the opportunity for sports and other programming to those individuals cause we want them to get out and socialize," Devaeny said.

Grace Gonzales, Executive Director of the Miracle League says a lot more people turned up, especially after the pandemic.

"I honestly think that especially after the pandemic, the parents were getting really concerned with how sedated and sedentary the special needs population was," Gonzales said.

This past week a sport known as bacci ball began and it's a blast for those taking part. It's an Italian sport and this is the second year it's being offered.

"It starts with a white ball, and its name is 'Jack', you have a red and a blue team, and so each team tries to get their ball closest to Jack," Gonzales said.

I spoke to a member of the league, Brandon Leverett, about what he enjoys most about bacci ball.

"Knocking everybody's ball out."

Brandon's Mom, Kay says the miracle league has been a blessing

"To see all the kidsjust having such a good time and they look foward to coming out every weekend and seeing their friends and just having a good time with eachother." She said.