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Merchants fed up with recent Six Points crime surge

Posted at 8:28 PM, Aug 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-12 00:16:20-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Business owners in the Six Points area are frustrated because they say there’s been an uptick in nearby crime that began several months ago.

The owner of Bernard’s Kitchen & Catering Company took to social media over the weekend to say his business was burglarized four times in the past two months, including a break-in last week.

Vandals and burglars have also targeted Sandi’s Diner at least four times in the past several months.

KRIS 6 spoke to Alex Guerrero, the manager at Price’s Chef, who said they were last targeted in April. But since then, other businesses have come forward saying they’ve also been targeted.

“Third Wish Tattoo got broken into last week. Gordon’s Catering was another one. I believe Nuevo Cafe, and Hester’s next door,” said Guerrero, who then described the break-in at Price’s Chef on Easter weekend. “Someone shattered the glass, they came in and ravaged the building, and they destroyed the register looking for money.”

Business owners have since brought the crime to city leader’s attention like Councilman Everett Roy, who represents District 1.

“We’ve noticed an increase in time, and I’ve talked to people across the city who’ve seen their cars broken into and their places of business,” Roy said. “We are aware of it and are working diligently to make sure we can try to keep those (crime) numbers down.”

Roy says he’s working with the Corpus Christi Police Department and City Manager Peter Zanoni on developing a plan to address the crime.

CCPD’s Lt. Michael Pena says the police department has increased patrols in the Six Points area, and they’re also performing outreach with nearby business owners. Some they’ve already spoken to, while others they will speak to soon.

Guerrero says meanwhile, one business owner put up street lights on Palmetto Street to deter crime.

“Without any light here at night time, and the businesses closing in the afternoon, it’s kind of dark and kind of easy to break into places,” he said. “But Six Points is really one, and whenever you break into one of our restaurants you’re really messing with everybody here."