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Memorial run held in McCollum's honor

Posted at 10:00 PM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 01:00:25-05

Tributes continue tonight for a seven-year veteran of the Corpus Christi Police Department who was killed in the line of duty Friday night.

It was a somber night, as many are still wrapping their heads around this weekend's tragic accident.

A memorial has been set up outside police headquarters in honor of Officer Alan McCollum, and earlier Monday night, a one-mile memorial run was held to honor him.

Hearts were heavy as family, friends and colleagues took that first step of the run to remember.

More than 100 runners laced up their shoes in honor of Corpus Christi Police Officer Alan McCollum. Despite grieving the loss of her husband, Alan's wife, Michelle, led the pack as they ran to remember the man she loved.

"We're just so overwhelmed," Michelle McCollum said. "It was last-minute run that was put together. I love running, the girls loved runnuing and my husband loved being outdoors running as well."

The last few days have been tough, but McCollum said seeing the impact her husband made on a community he fell in love with has helped.

"The days have been long and hard and sleepless," she said. "But the community showing their love is helping us get through."

His Corpus Christi Police Department brethren also has felt the community's presence.

"Just earlier today, when we were escorting his body to the funeral home, people pulled over the side of the road and got out, stood at attention and held their hands on their hearts," said Senior Officer Justin Sanders.

Though the memorial run only took about 30 minutes, Alan McCollum's legacy will live on in the memories he leaves. . . .

"His gentle smile," Michelle McCollum said. "His personality. He loved -- he loved deeply. "

Meanwhile, Michael Love, the officer injured Friday, remains in stable condition at a local hospital.

Mayor Joe McComb tells us Love has a pelvic injury, as well as coping with the loss of a fellow officer.