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Local woman asking people to donate their dog collars

Posted at 6:54 AM, Oct 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-14 07:54:05-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — Have you ever thought of donating your dog's old collar? We hadn't either, but it's what one local woman is asking neighbors to do to help dogs at 'Shelter a Mutt,' a local nonprofit that helps find forever homes for dogs and cats.

Marilynn Litt created a donation bin labeled, donate a collar. She said that "Shelter a Mutt" has plenty of leashes and is in need of collars. In just two weeks, she has collected over a hundred collars from neighbors and Facebook friends.

"One of the important things is to keep a collar on a dog,” said Director of Lost Dogs of Texas Marilynn Litt.

A few weeks ago, Litt was talking to Sam Mullins, who is the Director for 'Shelter a Mutt,' and lives on the island, he said he had boxes of leashes but needed collars. Because every dog that is rescued needs a leash and a collar.

"And I thought, I can get 'Shelter a Mutt' some collars, I'll just put a box or something on my front porch and ask my neighbors to come by,” said Litt.

When the word got out on Facebook about what Mrs. Litt was asking for, neighbors on the island reached out and friends from out of town sent her some collars.

"And I got a whole box of collars from Dallas and another friend is sending me some collars,” said Litt.

Litt says that people on the island and throughout Corpus Christi have been generous by donating collars, blankets, and even dog treats.

"Typically if you're a dog owner you have one or two or three or a dozen laying around which I did myself,” said a friend of Litt, Marguerita Willet

"It doesn't cost anything. You can clean out your cupboard. My collars were just sitting in the cupboard and it was a good way to just put them to a good use for a good cause and help a friend and help our little furry friends,” said Willet.

If you have any extra collars or other dog items that you would like to donate you can drop them off in the bin outside at 15842 Portillo Drive. The bin will be outside until October 20.