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Local volunteers provide meals for homeless

Tacos Not Bombs
Tacos Not Bombs
Posted at 7:53 PM, Sep 13, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Finding a meal to eat during the pandemic can be a challenge, especially for the homeless population.

However, one local group is at the front lines, ready to help those in need have a meal to eat.

“Some of these people, everything they own they carry in a bag, a small bag, that is all that they have,” said John Meza, organizer of the local advocacy group Tacos Not Bombs.

Meza says area volunteers work very hard preparing meals and making sure they're provided to those who need them most.

“I mean, I got food, I sleep over there - that's where I live," said Larry Gilliland. "I'm street."

Some from the homeless population say finding a meal is difficult.

“We got to look in trash cans or hopes in somebody comes through and bless us with a meal," Eddie Carter said. "Man, it's kinda hard right now."

Carter says as the pandemic worsens, he appreciates the ones who try to keep him fed in these times of uncertainty.

“During the coronavirus, it's kinda hard for us to work and everything," Carter said. "I really appreciate . .. it's really nice of these people to do this and help us like that."

The meals were passed out at the Metro Ministries gate where the area homeless were also able to receive water on a day of blistering heat indices.

“This entire community comes together to help people in need," Meza said. "And it's not just food. It's clothing, hygiene, books, love, compassion, a handshake. somebody to look them in the eye instead of turning away."

All the meals and water were provided by donations from many throughout the Coastal Bend.

“I'm going to pray and thank the Lord," Gilliland man said. "That how grateful I am."