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Local ministry helps Flour Bluff’s homeless community with last-minute layers, food

Posted at 5:46 PM, Feb 11, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — With freezing temperatures expected late this weekend, a local ministry that has long been aiming to feed the area’s homeless community was out distributing layers of clothing in Flour Bluff.

“I just feel for these people,” said New Christian Harvest Ministry's Becky McNamera. “They need help. I encourage people to know that these people, these are not just a category, they are people.”

The giveaway was off-the-cuff, but several homeless members of the community left with new articles of clothing, including socks, jackets and gloves.

Although the organization served only a handful of people Thursday, McNamera said the group plans to return with even more supplies Friday as the cold weather ensues.

“We have a good idea where they’re going to be,” the 74-year-old said. “So we’ll bring food and try to find them. And give them some hot soup.”

Debra Holloway only came by for the sack lunches, which contained peanut-butter sandwiches. The Kingsville native said she’s been homeless for a year.

Although she said she’s in a slightly better position than others, she said small giveaways like this do make a difference.

“You’d be amazed what little bit could help,” she said, adding that the Flour Bluff area has a large number of homeless people. “There’s more than what you see here believe it or not — they’re just bundled down for the cold.”

She and others were thankful.

“She’s a Godsend,” Holloway said, gesturing to McNamera. “She really is her, Dave (Waters), are wonderful.”

New Christian Harvest Ministry is continuing to hand out supplies and is accepting blanket and clothing donations, if you would like to help, contact them on their Facebook page.