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Local K9 set to retire after seven years of service

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Posted at 6:38 AM, Feb 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-08 08:44:54-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — For some retirement can be sad but for others, it’s a celebration.

On Wednesday at the County commissioner's court, a K9 name Nuve will be receiving her very own badge from the sheriff’s office.

Deputy Sheriff Michael Perez said he’s been partnered with Nuve since 2020 and now she is finally hanging up her badge.

“It’s either going to be by age, by performance or it's going to be by health,” Perez said.

Proposition 10 was passed in 2019 and allows K9s to stay with their handlers when they retire. Before that, they were treated as county property for disposal.

“And it was either auctioned off, given to a charitable organization, or destroyed,” J.C. Hooper, Nueces County Sheriff said.

The proposition has a lot of support from the Sheriff’s Association of Texas and dog handlers throughout the state, giving service animals a second life.

“It’s a good thing!,” Hooper said.

“Getting into the K9 program with Nuve we bonded real quick real easily,” Perez added.

Nuve is certified to detect drugs and explosives.

“She is certified for 12 specific explosive materials. Which are up to 25 different combinations of explosive materials,” Perez said.

But Nuve's sharpest skill is socializing with others.

“Now she is learning more of the domestic side of life. And she’s starting to actually get a good fit for a good quality of life and that is where proposition 10 comes in and offers dogs a good quality of life,”Perez said.

During the County commissioner's meeting, Nuve will receive her own badge, thanking her for seven wonderful years of service.

“They are classified as a retired deputy and that is what Nuve will be,” Hooper said.

“I couldn’t imagine a life better for her than to be able to retire out and be adopted and be a part of the family,” Perez said.

Nuve has also been invited by Driscoll Children’s Hospital to volunteer and share her love with kids, families, and staff.