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Local girl accepts challenge to help community

Posted at 4:07 PM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-18 07:21:42-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — An internet challenge designed to get children to learn the value of serving their community has made its way to the Coastal Bend.

Eleven-year-old Moriah Hernandez is on a mission. The Driscoll ISD 6th grader’s challenge: to mow 50 yards.

“Every ten yards you get a different t-shirt,” said Hernandez. “I’ve already done ten, I’m waiting for my next t-shirt.”

Hernandez is taking part in the “50 Yard Challenge”, sponsored by the Raising Men Lawn Care Service. She’s one of thousands of kids nationwide mowing lawns to help their community.

In order to complete the challenge, each child has to mow 50 yards for elderly, disabled, veterans, or single parents.

For Hernandez, this challenge seemed like a natural fit.

“She likes to cut grass, her dad has a grass cutting business,” said Moriah’s mother, Elisa Cox. “She’s already ready to work all the time.”

The challenge started in Alabama in 2015 by Rodney Smith, Jr., who wanted to help his veteran neighbor who couldn’t mow their lawn. In the five years since, the challenge has taken off.

“We’re growing, we have more than 1,400 kids taking part in the program,” said Smith. “This year has been our biggest year with kids completing the program.”

Cox says she first heard about the challenge on Facebook.

“I looked it up online and read more in to it,” said Cox. “I thought it was something my child could definitely be able to do and help give back to the community.”

Moriah may only be a a little more than a fifth of the way to her goal, but for those she’s helping, the service is priceless.

“They come out and they do it for nothing,” said Jesse Garza. “Just to help out.”

Garza’s lawn was Moriah’s eleventh. The recently turned 79-year-old doesn’t know how his grass would get cut without her.

“It’s something that’s very good to help out the seniors,” said Garza. “Especially seniors that can’t afford to hire a yard man.”

When Moriah reaches 50 lawns, she’ll receive a new mower and weed eater. In the meantime, she’s responsible for maintaining her equipment and getting it to the lawns she’s cutting. Anyone interested in having Moriah cut their lawn or wishing to donate to help should contact her mother on Facebook.