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Local business 'Lazy Beach Brewing' sells pink beverage at H-E-B stores

Kombucha beverage sold at H-E-B
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Posted at 8:40 PM, Jan 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-20 07:30:23-05

If you like kombucha, a local brewery has one of their beverages on shelves at H-E-B stores. It's calledLazy Beach Brewing company, and they've been pouring up good times on the Coastal Bend for the last few years.

"So this is our hard kombucha. It's ginger hibiscus rose. The hibiscus gives it that nice pink color," said Cory Mathews, owner of Lazy Beach Brewing.

Mathews said the idea of creating kombucha came from a friend back in 2016. A few years later, he perfected the signature drink, the Pink Summer Breeze.

"A whole different animal than beer but super refreshing great, for the heat. In the kombucha world, herbs really shine herbs and fruit and so like this one ginger, hibiscus and rose," said Mathews.

"Over time that that tang taste you kind of really enjoy like you would enjoy the bitters of an IPA of a beer or the sweet richness of a stout in beer or the roastness of a coffee or the dry tannins of a wine, its that equivalent but in the kombucha world," said Mathews.

The hard kombucha has been at Lazy Beach Brewing for about two years. They wanted to test the waters when it came to distributing their beverages to local retailers, starting with kombucha .

"As we get ready for the beer and we cannot physically produce enough beer to get in cans yet so we are just now getting close to that with these new tanks that come in online and all that," said Mathews.

H-E-B Public Affairs Specialist Bobby Rodriguez said they're always looking to bring in local products .

"Lazy Beach or Lemonade Cosmetics into our stores and really provide that one-stop-shop for our customers where they can pick up all of there favorite items from us," said Rodriguez.

The Summer Breeze Hard Kombucha is now in local H-E-B stores, and Matthews said its the first of many.