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LGBTQ+ community concerned about proposed legislation

Posted at 10:24 PM, Jun 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-07 23:50:58-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Monday, Texas state senator Bryan Slator of District 2, stated in a release that he will keep his promise and defend kids from being subjected to drag shows and inappropriate events.

"I promised my voters that I would stand up for their values and fight to protect Texas kids. I was re-elected on that promise and I intend to keep it by authoring legislation to defend kids from being subjected to drag shows and inappropriate events. I look forward to working with my collegues to pass this important legislation."
Bryan Slaton - Texas House District 2

During the month of June, PRIDE month is celebrated in the LGBTQ plus community across the country and locally, several events such as drag and diva brunches and shows have been planned.

Many of them are family-friendly events for the entire community to attend.

Local artist Kitana Sanchez, who performs at many shows does not agree with this logic.

"It's not that hard to reach out to the entertainment company or the entertainers putting out the show and asking them what type of show is this, is it family-friendly, parents have a choice," she said.

In a tweet, Slaton expressed that he would never take his child to a drag show and he is sure his colleagues wouldn't either.

Sanchez also said that having an open conversation about these types of topics is important.

"I feel like most people think there is an agenda to the LGBTQ-IA movement when the only agenda we have is for everyone to love one another," Sanchez said.

She added, that parents have an option to take their kids to the shows but they are always conscious of children and always make sure they have a good clean show for the kids.