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"Live aboards" face water pipe busts and have concerns

New plumbing system needed for busted pipes at the docks
Boaters face water pipe busts have some concerns.JPG
Posted at 9:15 PM, Feb 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-25 23:31:05-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We’ve seen many instances recently of how much problems busted pipes can cause for people. Those living on their boats at the Corpus Christi Marina are experiencing the same problems people on land are.

The storms cracked a number of PVC pipes that brought water down the docks to people on their boats.

"It’s as frustrating as any homeowner here in the Corpus Christi area or Texas going into Lowe's or Home Depot unable to find the parts," said Jonathan Atwood, manager of the Corpus Christi Marina. "We have some commercial sources and many of the parts we are looking for are being provided for places like nursing homes and other areas like that, which may be of a greater concern than some of the 'live aboards' down here."

What seems like a big ordeal, actually doesn’t feel that way to some of the "live aboards."

"Not very difficult at all," Bill Hartsfield said, who's lived on his boat for 12 years. "We have water on the boat. So, we just have to carry water back and forth if we want to have more water on the boat. But my boat has about 40 gallons of water on it and that’s pretty rich. That’s a lot of water, you know?

Most have a tank on board that can store a lot of water. Others I spoke to said they’re also in good shape. These residents can also visit the Marina that continues to have running water, where they can shower or take water to go.

Like we’ve previously reported, the plumbing supply shortage is hurting many in the coastal bend. It’s taken time but the marina has gotten some good news.

"We are going to receive a few parts and the plumber’s going to put together a temporary system on some of the docks," Atwood said. "Those docks that have the largest majority of 'live aboards' so that we do have water to the head of the dock that they can run a water hose to.

"I’m sure it’s a huge project that’s going to take quite awhile," said Hartsfield. "It’s not a one day thing I wouldn’t think. So, whatever it takes."