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Leading by Example: Aransas County ISD Superintendent steps in as a substitute

Dr. Joshua Garcia
Posted at 5:44 PM, Aug 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-23 18:55:38-04

FULTON, Texas — One lucky fourth grade class at Fulton Learning Center had a surprise guest during their first week of school.

Aransas County ISD superintendent Joshua Garcia stepped up to the plate when a substitute teacher was running late due to an emergency situation.

“I got to see when he noticed that a teacher was taking care of two classes, asked what was going on, and right away without hesitation he stepped in,” says Adriana Alfaro, the communities & school site coordinator for ACISD.

One of the core principles for Aransas County ISD’s upcoming school year is being service-minded. Garcia says he tries to embody this value for his district and the students.

“I hope that I was able to exemplify what service-minded means. When there’s a need, we step up, it doesn’t matter what area we work in, if there’s a need we need to do that,” he says.

Teachers also say Garcia was lending a helping hand in the cafeteria throughout the day and greeted students as they were being dropped off.

“I think it just encouraged the kids that the entire district is willing to be there for them whatever they need,” says Alfaro.

Garcia hopes to have an opportunity like this again. “I had to put on my old teaching hat, and its something I want to do again moving through the school year.”