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Kingsville cheeseburger kid unveils 'Hamburglar' Halloween costume

Barrett Halloween Costume
Posted at 3:14 PM, Oct 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-26 19:12:26-04

Kris 6 News told viewers about a 2-year-old that ordered 31 cheeseburgerson DoorDash earlier this year.

Barrett Golden took his mother Kelsey Golden's unlocked phone, and placed a huge order from McDonald's on DoorDash for a total of $91.70.

The story went viral and was on multiple digital platforms and news stations across the country.

It's Halloween time, which means we all get to dress up in costumes, stay up late and eat lots of candy.

Usually, it's hard to choose from so many costumes. However, for Barrett, it was crystal clear who he would be this year:

The iconic McDonald's character, Hamburglar.

As for what Kelsey and her son have been up to lately, she said that she has not experienced any more accidental DoorDash orders.

However, she now keeps all of her financial apps on her phone locked.

Barrett and his family are definitely ready for some trick-or-treating... Or will he treat us to some cheeseburgers?