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Jury takes 30 minutes to find Officer Cabello guilty

Posted at 9:17 PM, Jul 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-01 23:41:29-04

The trial lasted less than four days but it only took a Nueces County Jury 30 minutes to find Cabello guilty of several charges.

"we the jury find the defendant Tommy Eli Cabello guilty of continuous violence against a family," a member of the jury said.

That was the first of three guilty verdicts Tuesday afternoon in the Tommy Cabello trial. The charges stemmed from a domestic violence incident at his ex-wife's home in November of 2018.

Tina Cabello testified, Tommy showed up at her home asking why she was moving forward with their divorce. She says, that's when he became angry.

When she turned down his advances, he began to assault her. That's when their son called police. A few hours later, he forced her to record a false statement about what took place in her home.

A Robstown police officer testified that in mid-December, Tina showed up to the police station and handed over a recording of her own, proving Tommy asked her to lie about the incident. Tina testified about years of abuse that dated as far back as 2002, including an incident where Tommy pointed an unloaded gun at her head after a fight.

"He just comes from behind me all of a sudden and he puts a gun to my head and then he clicked it." Tina Cabello said.

Also, a recording was played in court that showed an altercation where Tommy tried to run Tina off the road as she went to her divorce attorney's office.

After the verdict was read, Cabello was taken into custody and led out of the courtroom. in the end, special prosecutor Rey Pena said, he was happy with Tuesday's verdict.

Pena said, "I think the jury did the right thing. I think the evidence spoke for itself and was very clear. Most, actually every one of the counts for mister Cabello were proven through audio recordings, audio admissions from the defendant. So, I think the jury got it right."

Cabello is facing up to 10-years in prison. in every criminal case, the defendant has the right to have a jury or judge oversee their sentencing. Cabello has asked that Judge Inna Klein handle his sentencing. The sentencing phase of his trial will begin tomorrow at 9 am.