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Island residents praise city for response to water line break on Christmas

Posted at 6:42 PM, Dec 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-26 19:57:25-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — In the midst of Christmas celebrations, Padre Island residents were thrown a curve ball when a water line break occurred.

“We’ve just earned to be patient," Penny Grochow said, an island resident. "Things like this happen and we’ve lived through a lot worse.”

Padre Island residents were left without water late on Christmas night and into Sunday. While loss of water may have disrupted the tail end of some celebrations, island residents were thinking about how impressed they were with the city’s response. A crew was immediately on scene at Packery Channel Park Road.

“I think they did a great job," Rebecca Wild-Robbins said, another island resident. "I mean, I can’t imagine having to leave your family on Christmas day and go work in the dark and miss your holiday dinner. So, I just appreciate the fact that they got out there and started working working on it."

“Those poor guys came out on Christmas day," said Grochow. "Probably left their families. They worked all night long. So, you got to give them kudos. The city responded right away."

The city said the whole island was put on a boil notice as they repaired a 24 inch water line.

Grochow said her family just finished dinner and were loading the dishwasher when water pressure began to decrease.

Luckily on her block, neighbors were there to help.

“The island is full of very patient people and very caring people," she said. "Everybody’s out…our neighbor was out with his golf cart delivering water to people. The island’s a great place to live."

Residents tell KRIS 6 News, water pressure has slowly increased throughout the day on Sunday.

As of early Sunday evening Padre Island was still on a boil water notice.

The city said they need to wait for an 18-hour incubation period to get a reliable water sample before lifting the boil notice.

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