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Is driving to Houston really cheaper than flying from CCIA?

Posted at 8:52 PM, Feb 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 02:29:04-05

A new group tasked with finding ways to get more travelers to use the Corpus Christi International Airport discussed ways to do just that Thursday. Members of the Community Air Service Task Force said one way is lowering flight prices.

That may not be able to happen until there is a demand for flights in Corpus Christi, but if travelers who fly often know flight prices are different depending on where your flight departs. Thursday's discussion was all about coming up with ideas to encourage people to fly out of Corpus Christi, instead of driving to other cities.

The group referenced an easy-to-use tool that can help calculate the cost of your trips and compare those costs at different airports, such as San Antonio or Houston.

That tool can be found on the Corpus Christi International Airport website, under Trip Calculator Tool. Then type in information such as how many days you're traveling, your zip code, and the costs of the flight you're interested in buying from each city. The tool will them compare the factors that go into taking the flight from that city.

KRIS 6 News checked out the total costs to travel to Las Vegas in April from Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Houston. The trip calculator tool takes into consideration the number of miles you have to drive and the cost to park your car at each of the airports.

Here's what we found: The total costs in flying to Las Vegas out of Corpus Christi are $502. From San Antonio, it costs $671. From Houston, it costs $840.

So according to CCIA's trip calculator tool, flying from Corpus Christi to Las Vegas, is comparable in price.

Members of the Community Air Service Task Force also said they hope to launch a 'fly local' campaign in the near future.

"You literally just can park across the street, and you can rent your car easily," said Zandra Zambrano. "There's absolutely no line."

Travelers at the airport Thursday said that for them, flying out of Corpus is more convenient.

"It is closer for the area I need to go to," said Hollie Singley. "It's a lot less time, and don't have to worry about renting a car, paying for gas."

The trip calculator tool didn't take into consideration if you're flying with family or a large group.