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International Women's Day: the queens who run Krab Kingz

Posted at 12:36 PM, Mar 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-09 13:36:32-05

Opened in October of 2020, Krab Kingz is owned by two women, Sheena Taylor and Danielle Williams.

Danielle is a mother of five and an Army veteran, whie Sheena is a mother of three, who runs five businesses, including Krab Kingz in Corpus Christi.

"That's what keeps me coming, to want more and support them because I love empowering women, so I'm all for it," Alison, a customer, said.

Danielle spent ten years as an Army medic, which included serving in Afghanistan, before retiring.

She said that’s why Krab Kingz offers discounts to her fellow veterans.

"Because they do go through a lot. They’re overworked, you know, with 24-hour duties, constantly being away from their families, and I just don't think they're appreciated as they should be,” Danielle said.

Sheena owns and operates a tattoo shop as well as three daycares across Texas.

She said working with multiple businesses is not always easy.

"Never give up,” Sheena added. “Some days are so hard. I mean, I have breakdowns. Some days are hard, I don't sleep at night but just keep going."

Both women said it’s important to show their children that they can have anything they want if they work hard for it.

"If they want something they have to go get it,” Danielle said. “Women can get out there, and we can do for our own, provide for our own, and make sure we are taking care of our kids, taking care of our household no matter what."