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Inflation affecting Tamale prices during the holidays

Posted at 10:43 PM, Dec 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-13 10:15:28-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Tamales and the steps to make them is a tradition for Hispanic and South Texas families but with grocery prices going up — how has that affected the tradition?

In South Texas making tamales with the family or just eating tamales during the December festivities is a tradition for many families.

Sarah Huerta's family owns Huertas Tamales.

"We're so dedicated to making these tamales for everybody because we know everybody is counting on us every year," she said.

Huertas Tamales are in Corpus Christi Staple. According to the Huerta family during this time they make hundreds of dozens of tamales for the month of December.

"Everything is really expensive but we are trying to help our clients, most of our clients are older," said Maria Huerta the owner of Huerta's Tamales.

She tells me that all the ingredients to make the Hispanic delicacy has gotten so expensive with inflation but they try their best to keep prices manageable for their clients because they know how hard it can be during these times.

"I used to pay $8 for corn flour, now we pay 12 dollars up to 20 dollars for the 50-pound corn flour," Huerta said.

She adds that at times they have to go as far as San Antonio to get corn flour because it's cheaper there.

The cost of meat has also gone up.

"The meat was $1a pound and now it is at up to $2.49 a pound, the meat, from one dollar to $2.49 a pound. can you believe it?" she expressed.

While it is not easy with the increasing prices, Maria has not increased her prices much, she sells a dozen tamales for about $12.50.

"We are trying to stay as affordable as possible," she said.

While she hopes prices will decrease once again, she is committed to her customers, the rising prices, in the meat, corn flour, and even the corn husks will not affect her in any way and she will continue to make those tamales.